Course calendar

In the modern era of ever-increasing competition, many expectations and young people's need for work, more and more ambitious people are looking for the right accelerators of their future careers. New graduates, many times in parallel with their job search, but also employees who aim to pursue careers as specialized high-ranking public sector executives, are looking for a master's degree program through which they will acquire all the necessary resources for their professional advancement.

In these circumstances, the ideal solution should be to combine work with studies. Full-time work and studies structured to fit around working hours. The MSc. "Applied Public Economic Policy" is tailored to the multiple needs of working students. Needs for work, rest, but also active participation in the educational process.

For this reason, the calendar program is structured so that classes take place twice a week during non-working hours. In this context, the lessons are held every Thursday or Friday afternoon, depending on the Direction chosen by the student, and every Saturday morning.

The start of the P.M.S. "Applied Public Finance and Policy" is in October of each year and lasts three (3) academic semesters. Each academic year consists of two (2) teaching semesters: the winter (October-January) and the spring (February-June). Each academic semester lasts at least ten (10) full educational weeks. Exam periods are the 2nd and 3rd week of February and the 3rd and 4th week of June.